Station Hall

If you are looking for a club where you can dance the night away, listen to the alternative sounds of the ’90s, or enjoy a live band indulging their audience into a myriad of styles from Jazz to Rock and roll, and see a great many locals and have a word with them, this is your place!


Check the program first to know what Station Hall is up to in the evening. And sleep well: I can assure you, cross my heart, over my dead body, you will never hear chalga in this place.

The club is located on the bank of the Danube river. As the rumors have it, the owner (possibly tenant) of Station Hall is an Irish guy. Do not ask me what wind of change has brought him here. I can only bless and cherish the day he heard of Rousse. Rousse needed such a place—and this is me that I tell this to you; me, not living in Rousse.

Station Hall has two halls, one of them is the restaurant. You may wish to have a meal during the day there or dinner in the evening and then just across the door is the club itself. Don’t spare youyrself this experience, just go and enjoy yourself by chatting with friends over a beer, vodka, or many of each depending on your metabolism and enzyme capacity for processing alcohol. The inside is red brick walls, high ceilings (it’s a hall, after all), a stage, and a couple of cosy niches looking out over the scene. No smoking is allowed inside, but you can enjoy a fag outside the front door, or cross the railway and sit by the river to enjoy the sound of the water splashing against the bank. I like this place and sincerely recommend it!

This is the map to Station Hall.

Check out what’s up tonight in Station Hall on their Facebook page.

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