This page is going to acqaint you with various, typically non-government, organizations. They operate in the city and are driven by enthusiasts with big hearts, who soldier on believing that every good deed is rewarded.

These are people who sacrifice days and occasional nights to the idea to help. Men and women of different age who want the good to prevail and dream of a day when their work will be unnecessary: ​​the day when there will be no homeless, miserable, desperate, and hurt people or animals.

Until then, support their work and daily efforts by volunteering, donations in kind, or financial aid.

Equilibrium NGO

The incredible people behind the Equilibrium Association know that strong and harmonious family ties bring up socially and morally integrated children who in turn grow up to become people fostering moral values, responsibility, self-esteem and adequate decision-making.

Equilibrium was established in 2004 in Rousse. The organization helps children, young people and their parents develop balanced relationships with each other. They engage with children at risk and focus on their rights, early development, non-formal education, and activities that help young people gain security, care, love, and opportunities for development.

The major projects Equilibrium work on are:

  1. The management of facilities and care of children and young people in:
    • Five family-type social institutions. Three of them host disabled children.
    • One house for orphans in the town of Byala near Rousse.
    • One house for babies with severe disabilities who need constant medical care.
  2. The management of five counseling centers for children with disabilities and socially unacceptable behavior aged between 0 and 18 years.

Of these, their most well-known projects are the Social Services for Children and Families Complex in Rousse and the Family-Type Centers for Children and Young People with Disabilities Nadezhda and Lyubov.

As cliché as it may sound, children are our future and we always hope that they become better and nobler persons than we have ever achieved to become ourselves, and build a nicer and wiser world than we have dared to do ourselves. There are many ways to help this happen and one of them is to support Equilibrium’s efforts in kind, in services, or financially. Go for it, hope is priceless!

Care and Shelter for Everyone NGO

grija-podslon-vseki1Founded in 2009, Care and Shelter for Everyone helps animals in need, organizes educational campaigns, seeks temporary and permanent homes for stray dogs and cats, contributes to the decrease of stray animals population in Rousse and struggles for humane attitude towards our four-legged friends.

The non-profit organization has no shelter of its own. Therefore, to help out animals in need, its members count on volunteers to foster or adopt animals.

Read more on the possibilities for you to support their activities here. Find current information on animals that need help and shelter on the official Facebook page of the organization.

Caritas Rousse

caritas-rousseEstablished in 1992, Caritas Rousse is an independent social organization. It carries out social activities on behalf of the Catholic Church in the district of Nikopol and coordinate their activities with the Eparchial Bishop.

Their current projects include their looking after 26 old people from the city whom they bring warm food on a daily basis and keep them company. Another project is the organization’s maintenance of two centers for home care for the elderly, which are located in Rousse and in Belene.

German-Bulgarian Animal Help NGO

Bimbo3Founded in 1996 by a German-Bulgarian couple, the organization currently supports two shelters in Bulgaria: in Sofia and Rousse.

The animal shelter in Rousse fundamentally plays a role of a neutering center, also takes care for a number of dogs and cats, and additionally, whenever possible, supports the Municipal shelter for stray animals in the city by not only assisting them with veterinary services, but also with food and other sustenance needed.

On this web page you can find various ways to support these amazing people in their everyday activities (click the top-right Help Us button).

The Municpal Dog Shelter

municipal-shelterThe Municipality takes care of hundreds of dogs at its shelter, located about 12km away from the city.

I have personally been there and the conditions in which the dogs live seemed OK to me. To a great extent this is due to the responsible and caring people who work there. Also, as mentioned above, the Municipal Dog Shelter is supported by the German-Bulgarian Animal Help NGO whenever possible. Much is owed, too, to the kindness of people who foster animals or donate to the Shelter. As the Shelter is state-owned, it only accepts donations in kind—dog pellets, canned food, medicine, mats—whatever you might wish to spare for them.

Find more about the Shelter on their official Facebook page.

On this page, you can take a look at the things they need most as donations.

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