Clouds Around & Everywhere

The last time we visited the city, we had a good look at the lands around. Not that we hadn’t seen them before, but, first of all, we wanted to share these magnificent views with you, and secondly, it’s always is if for the first time that we see them. The landscapes are near Ivanovo, Borovo, Slivo Pole and Riahovo. It was amazing that within a couple of hours the sky changed its mood on a lot more than a couple of occasions. Have a look for yourselves!

Yet Another Sunny Day

Many sunny days to come, many pictures of ours to be uploaded. Enjoy!


Here are a few photos of the old buildings along the main Alexandrovska street. Most of them are recognized as local or national cultural heritage.

The photos are property of this website.

On a Sunny Day

These beautiful photographs above are copyrighted and kindly provided by Yavor Michev.


These amazing photographs are kindly provided by Staro Ruse (Old Rousse). Visit their Facebook page to see a lot more.

Winter’s Here

Image courtesy of Georgi Kirichkov and Natalia Daneva.