Gerasim Georgiev – Gero

On July 10, 1974 in Rousse one of the most famous and beloved contemporary theatre and television actors, Gerasim Georgiev, is born. After completing his secondary education in his hometown, he goes to Sofia, where in 1999 he graduates from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts (NATFIS) in the class of Prof. Dimitrina Gyurova.


He starts his theatrical career in 2000 at the Drama Theatre in the town of Gabrovo where he remains until 2004. It is there where he meets and plays together with the legend of the Bulgarian cinema Georgi Kaloyanchev. Gero spends the next year at the Drama Theater in the town of Kardzhali. From 2006 to 2011 he is part of the Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre in Sofia and later he starts working at the Youth Theater again in Sofia. Since 2016 Gero has been part of the Zad Kanala Theatre troupe in the capital city. He has played in a number of theatrical productions, including Mating Simulator, Testosterone, Characters, Carnival, Old-Time Bulgarians, Cyrano de Bergerac, Zorba and many others.


His television appearances are diverse. He was a host on MSat TV and of the Gorchivo programme on bTV. On NOVA Television he was one of the leading comedians of Masters of the Air. In 2019 he played a detective in the first season of The Masked Singer show again on NOVA Television and in 2020 he hosted the second season of the show together with Vasil Vassilev-Zueka. In 2021 again with Vasil Vassilev-Zueka they lead the ninth season of the Like two drops of water TV show.  

He took part in the Complete Madness and in Seven Hours Difference Bulgarian TV series, and played the lead role in Police from the Suburbs. His talent manifests also in movies. In 2001 he played Marcello in Looking for a Psychic and in 2016 he was the boatman in Holiday Goers. He also plays in Summit after Milen Ruskov.

About His Personality

Undoubtedly, Gero is an interesting person – as are most of the artists. The weird global situation caused by the latest coronavirus, which affected us all starting early 2020, led to the closure of theaters for months on end as a preventive measure against the spread of the disease. What exactly theatre actors think about it and how they feel when they do not have the opportunity to express themselves on stage is an essential question for them during those difficult weeks of trial. You can find Gero’s opinion on these pressing issues in his interview for the Cult Interview website.

Awards and Nominations

  • In 2019 Gerasim Georgiev was nominated for the Icarus award for his supporting male role in What Is Don Quixote for You presented by the Satirical Theater and directed by Bina Haralampieva.
  • Winner of the Favourite 13 award for his acting achievements.   


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