Now I’m going to tell you a couple of words about…SUBMONKS

SUBMONKS is a DJ crew and a bunch of friends. Some of them live abroad and this might be the reason why their biggest parties are usually held on national holidays such as Easter and Christmas. Submonks first start playing at parties in 2009. They love drum&bass and dubstep and as their initial idea went, they organize monthly events in clubs and in the open alike both in Rousse and in other Bulgarian cities. They played in Romania several times before in exchange for their Romanian DJs coming to Rousse and driving the local audience mad with their expressive music and mixing sound.

SUBMONKS members are SUBfreak, Pixelize, Tekniq, Zombassa, and M.T.K.

Read more about SUBMONKS and any upcoming parties on their official website. Listen to their explosive DJ sets on

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